Like Dust Before The Wind.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 134

December 7, 2003.

Dear one, be faithful in your striving to listen to My Voice within you, and in discerning the Will of God in your daily doings, for I am the Will of God, and I am your Leader and Teacher.

All you need to do is to turn within, and have your inner ears more attuned to My Voice and directives rather than to the clamor of the outer world.

The world is filled with the unhappiness of an indescribable hunger, which the masses do not know how to satisfy.

The urge to satisfy a deep longing is being replaced by the ‘outer business of buying things,’ which will only satisfy for a fleeting moment and have no value towards life eternal.

I am telling you this, because the false god of commercialism is drowning out My Still Small Voice.

Commerce has its place in the world, but not to the exclusion of Spirit.

All the enticements for the achievement of outer beauty and fads of keeping the material body adorned and in shape, are like dust before the wind. At the end of this short mortal life it all becomes like nothing.

What about if all this effort and obsession with material things were channeled into the building of, and beautification of, the soul? There is where the real values lie. These are the real food and drink.

People are physically satiated with too much food and drink until it has become a compulsive addiction with problematic obesity, discomfort, and more. Meanwhile, the soul is starving, and the inner hunger continues, because My Voice has been drowned out and subdued into silence.

But I tell you this: The Eternal Voice of God shall always whisper to your soul: ‘Come to Me, you who are heavily laden, and I will give you true soul-rest and peace of mind.’ Allow Me to balance your frazzled nerves, so you, too, can learn to delight in the doing of God’s Will, from whence your real food and drink come.

This is the true value and benefit of training yourself to turn within. It is entirely up to you, how you spend your time.

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