Become the Master Of Self.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 133

December 6, 2003.

Dear one, today we will discus temptations and addictions and how to overcome these. First and foremost, when you come more often to Me in the Stillness, temptations will lessen according to the measure that you listen to Me and the effort you put forward in acting upon My advice.

I am teaching you the way of self-mastery, and thereby the conquering of temptation. The more you place Me in charge, and the more often you seek My advice, the better you will be able to conquer your temptations and addictions.

In turn, the evils of the flesh-world will lessen. This is a great lesson in itself; to feel yourself growing stronger, and developing a sense of self-empowerment.

You see, dear one, it all stems from a clean clear and willing thought process that always seeks the highest and greatest good in life.

This does not mean a slavish yielding to spiritual pressure from above. No, it means an active, cooperative effort on your part to get the most out of life, and grow into becoming the person you can be, in full self-control of your baser nature, in a body of clean habits, and with balanced, clear and honest thinking.

Of course, the use of any type of chemical is of no use in trying to attain the best you can. Chemicals only serve to retard your God-given potentials and progress.

The purpose is to live as cleanly as possible, with clean, happy, positive thoughts and speech, and to be in full command of all your faculties, well into a ripe old age.

My advice today leads to a happy, long and productive life, without mental or physical illnesses, because you will have learned along the way how to resist temptation, and become the master of self.

Think about, and ponder what it is you need to conquer in yourself. If you say, “I cannot do this”, that is a temptation to be lazy and slothful.

Be alert and be honest with yourself, and with My help you will conquer.

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