Pray Together.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 132

December 5, 2003.

Dear one, each thought elevated above the material plane, is a step closer to Me. Your unspoken desire to lift your everyday thoughts onto more spiritual heights is laudable.

This truly is the first requirement, if you desire to live a more spiritual life. Furthermore, such is the life each mortal is designed to live in order to gain an understanding of things immortal.

One does not need to seek a place to formally sit down in prayer. This can be done anywhere; on the road, in the workplace, in the home. Prayer can be much a state of mind.

Do not always ask in supplication, but let prayers rise as sweet incense before the throne of the Creator.

Prayers of praise and worship are far more important than selfish prayers. Even prayers for the good and well being of others are far more beneficial for the soul. This is a given, because the Father knows what you need, even before you ask.

Your Master teacher, Jesus, taught: “Ask and you shall receive.” However, this needs to be understood more in a spiritual sense, rather than in the material.

Ask for spiritual understanding. Ask for spiritual growth. Ask to grow into the highest spiritual being you can be on this material plane. Pray for the highest good and well being of others, and for the highest good of the world. Pray for the healing of the world.

Pray that the governments may truly govern for the highest good of all peoples, whose servants they are. Pray for the courts of law that true justice may be rendered, in wisdom and that honesty may prevail.

Pray for the downtrodden and the disenfranchised. Pray that people everywhere shall wake up to their true purpose in life.

My beloved, the list is endless, as right now the needs on this planet outstrip the sincerity of its inhabitants.

Pray together, for this could be turned around if more sincerity abounded on this precious world.

Ponder these, My words.

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