Every Moment Of Your Day And Night.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 124

November 27, 2003.

Dear one, know that the utterances of your heart are recognized by Me. Your deep longing to get to know Me better, and to love Me more, are all indisputable signs of your growth.

And in this process of growth will evolve a more certain knowledge that you are being taken care of, every moment of your day and night.

Of course, in order for you to realize this, it behooves you to develop a greater consciousness of My presence within you, and for you to give Me every moment of your days and nights, so I can reciprocate.

You also know that you have a free will to do this, and that I don’t want you to feel that you are obligated to Me in any way, or that you need to entirely renounce your free will.

No! This gift from you to Me is never subject to coercion. It is always given freely on your part, and with a happy heart, like a small child will gleefully hand its mother a freshly picked flower.

I truly desire that you do not give Me your free will out of fear, because of the dire consequences you might otherwise suffer.

No! I desire your will to be a free gift on your part, joyfully given. Besides, if you learn to give unconditionally; not expecting anything in return because you love Me enough to do so, then we are truly on a harmonious path together.

And you will reap a heartfelt peace, and a calmness of mind beyond anything you have ever experienced.

Rest in Me, and feel My life sap flow through you, and energize you.

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