Learn To See With The Eyes Of Spirit.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 123

November 26, 2003.

Dear one, your hidden desire, known only to Me, is for you to learn to so walk with Me that it will attract other seekers to find that surety of faith in their belief without doubt about the reality of My existence in each human heart.

It is also your sincere request that you might learn to see with the eyes of spirit, and hear with the ears of spirit.

It is for you to search for the true desire and hidden needs in all God’s children, despite outward appearances, and to seek for beauty in their character without any judgment on your part.

It is this silent desire to be of service to your siblings, which is noted on High, and which is also the desire of the Eternal God, Who created each one of your siblings, which therefore makes you all brothers and sisters.

The Eternal created such a wide variety on your planet, and not just on Urantia (Earth), so you may flex your ‘muscles of tolerance and acceptance’ toward one another. God even designed a variety of skin colors.

You have plenty of opportunity to meet, learn to understand, respect, admire and love others.

This is a most wonderful learning curve you have placed yourself on. And now you recognize how you get to pick your lessons throughout your life.

At the innermost of each questing and searching heart is the desire for love and peace, to give love and to receive love in return.

This hint about love is a good starting point for you to see all others, despite outward appearances, as part of yourself.

Always remember that in them, too, I have My dwelling place, even though they might not yet be aware of My presence in them.

See Me in them, as I am in you.

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