The Goal of the Ages.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 253

8th December, 2004

Dear one, to separate the end from the beginning requires an understanding that can only be acquired by the experience of having lived through life. Without much experience, it is impossible for a little mortal to achieve. A tiny ant does not know where the elephant is headed as it swings along on its long legs.

Likewise, you, too, cannot know where you are headed, although you might have some concept of the eventual destination. There exists not a human, who does not entertain some thoughts about the hereafter.

A popular notion is that you will be sitting on a cloud, and be entertained by an angel playing a harp. This, of course is totally erroneous and not in the least boring. Your text, the Urantia Book, explains some of this when after your resurrection, in the halls of Mansonia number One, you are re-united with Me, your Indweller. This reunion happens after your longer, or shorter, sleep of physical death, while your soul-self has been kept safe by your guardian angels.

There, your next stage in eternal life begins, as you slowly on remember all the worthwhile memories of your earth-life, while the dross is left behind.

The next stage is a further refining of your personal character. You will receive a greater capacity for understanding, the more you lend yourself to the reception of instructions, and so you will grow in stature.

I need to tell you that in the next stage of existence, you will carry on precisely where you left off with your mindal capacities. It is extremely important that you do not diminish these capacities with chemical addictions, although the mental aberrations will have been left behind.

And so you will progress further, from stage to stage, inward and upward in the cycle of eternity, growing and perfecting on the long journey Home, until one day in the far-distant future you will stand, in the Presence of the perfect Creator as a perfected being.

This is the goal of the ages for evolutionary beings such as you.

Transmitted by Lytske

© The 11:11 Angels

Toujours au Service de Michael.

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