I Shall Teach Your Spirit To Soar.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 120

November 23, 2003.

Dear one, it is a joy for Celestial Beings when an earthbound creature endeavors to break free from the fetters of this earth.

See your earth life as an incubation period, a growing period, and of course, in the growing process there usually are some growing pains to experience. See each disappointment or disillusionment as a growing pain that serves to make you stronger.

Consider yourself to be in the early stages of life—the pupa of a butterfly. You need to work hard to flex and exercise your faith-muscles every time you act or react.

Scrutinize your actions and reactions. Are they healthy or are they angry, judgmental, do you feel hurt, sad, demoralized? Numerous are the ways of overcoming your faulty reactions through the practice of self-discipline.

An honest self-examination and self-appraisal is often useful, although an overmuch dwelling on self, either spent in self-recrimination or in feeling helpless, fearful or victimized, is unhealthy to persist with.

Know that each thinking and feeling mortal is on the same road to perfection, and even if that road seems different from yours, the ultimate goal is identical. All have their own pattern within to unfold, with strengths and weaknesses, to either shore up, or to let go of and make redundant.

It is a marvelous road of discovery towards perfection in eternal life. Enjoy the path you travel on, you only travel this path once in your mortal estate.

I am your Servant and your Leader, and as we travel this path of enfoldment together, I shall teach your spirit to soar as on the wings of a beautiful butterfly just emerged from its pupa stage.

Let us enjoy each other’s company, as we slowly merge into one glorious being.

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