Only With Your Dedication And Faith.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 206

February 17, 2004.

Dear one, open your heart and soul and mind for further nurturing and guidance in communication with Me. You just never know the words I might speak to you, or what insights I might cause to arise in you.

You well understand that there are many things to know, but at the present time, your capacity to receive and understand needs to grow still more. Suffice to say that your capacity to receive is like the dawning of a new day. Very slowly at first, the new daybreak happens, with the promise of a glorious day to come. It would do the sleeping populace no good if a blinding light would suddenly penetrate their closed eyes and sleepy minds.

Therefore, be on guard, and watch this new light that is filled with promise slowly rise over the horizon of your mind, and allow your spirit-eyes to adjust, so you get used to the increasing Light, lest it blinds you.

It stands to reason that one needs to be awake, and be an early riser to see even the first glimmer of daybreak. Then, from the very beginning, you will be full of wonder to recognize in your soul that all things are becoming clearer in your spirit-vision. And you will know for a truth what your Master Jesus spoke of about the Kingdom of Heaven being within you. You will discover riches of spiritual wealth within, such as you never knew existed.

Such is the reward of coming to Me in the Stillness.

Only with your dedication and faith in Me shall you discover this heavenly daybreak within yourself, and as My increasing Spirit-Light dawns in you with greater understanding, a hitherto unknown joy, and freedom from the little self do occur, as you grow into your greater self with Me.

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