The Connection to the All That Is.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 200

February 11, 2004.

Dear one, to entertain honest doubts in your mind about My existence is not a sin. It is the sign of a soul, struggling to become free. Even the Apostles’ doubt was not totally removed until well after the crucifixion of their beloved Master.

It was not until after the resurrection when the Master appeared to them in His Morontia form, and then it was still the Apostle Thomas who entertained doubts, and wanted to be shown the Master’s hands.

Then, finally, their faith blossomed, and they were greatly strengthened at Pentecost when the Spirit of Truth descended upon them, and upon all sincere believers ever since. The Infinite Spirit also gave the Holy Spirit to dwell in mankind.

The accomplishment of the bestowal of a Master Son on this tiny, backward, and still retarded planet opened the way for the Gift of the Eternal God, Who bestows Fragments of Himself upon each normal thinking mortal.

So you see that you are not as bereft of spiritual Help as you might think you are. The greatest problem lies in the fact that humankind has not become deep thinkers in spiritual matters to even start the search within themselves for My Guidance.

The great majority still seeks for gurus and teachers to do the work for them, but the prime responsibility for the search for God lies within their selves.

Spirituality training is the luxury of taking the time for ‘going within’ and seeking your own connection to the All That Is.

Jesus taught about the Unconditional Love of His Father for His creatures. He said, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’

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