An Interactive Partnership.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 199

February 10, 2004.

Dear one, rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for when your long dark winter of seeming barrenness is past, you shall bear spirit fruit as never before, but for My pruning.

Even now, you feel the Spirit-Sap stirring in you as never before. It is your trust and faith in Me, which has kept this lifeline strong, for there needs to also be an opening, and a willingness to receive. I cannot pour My life-giving sap in a closed off branch, which is only possessed of itself.

God is the tree, and humankind makes up His branches, and therefore they are His offspring. So when the branch closes off its end by never paying Me any thought, it withers and dies off.

Trust and faith in the Eternal Giver of Life are the channel openers. Therefore, the more you begin to live in a greater present-centered awareness of the eternal Creator, the closer you live with Me, for I dwell within you.

It goes without saying that this is the sign of feeling your connection with Me; that your end of the branch is open. And because of the Spirit-sap flowing into you, you shall bring forth leaves, buds, blossoms, and in due season bear much Spirit-fruit, for this is expected of you.

It is your service returned to Me, because I desire that you bring forth much fruit, for the fruits are what please Me.

In order for you to bear much fruit, it becomes your task to see to it that the opening to Me remains clear, as I then give you the opportunity to grow your channel even wider for a greater receptivity.

This is always, and in all manner of ways, reciprocal. God and mortal are developing an interactive partnership.

The more conscious you become of My laboring within you, the more joyous you will become, and even the stresses of material life, although still present, lessen in significance, because you are firmly attached to the Tree of Life.

Slowly on, I will remove all your doubts.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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