The Intent of the Soul.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 197

8th February, 2004

Dear one, in the affairs of the Heavenly Kingdom it is endurance that tells. It is in the courage displayed, and it is in the assurance of the faith in things unseen that the mortal is elevated above the animal.

It is in the intent of the soul in what it strives to do in the earth life—to seek and do the Will of God—that eternal life is made possible.

You gain entrance into Heaven’s Kingdom by faith alone. The fruits of the spirit are the results thereof. Pray for more faith, so you may show forth more fruits of the spirit.

Outward good works are not good enough if they are not inspired by the soul and the sincerity of the heart, and I always behold the intent of your soul. Come to Me with a contrite spirit, so I can teach you. An ego filled with a self-satisfied spirit is very difficult to teach.

I long for a spirit, who realizes its need for Me. If you don’t come to Me, because you don’t feel the need for Me, and you crowd Me out in the business of your life, how can I teach you?

I tell you in order to nurture your faith, leave your pride of self at the door of your inner sanctum. Only a soul that is empty of its self is the one I can fill to overflowing with an inner surety and a soul-peace, which no one will be able to disturb or take away.

I am always willing and waiting to lead you in the better way, but you need to come into the Stillness of your heart in order to receive, for I desire an active Partnership.

My end of the connection is always open, and even though there are times when you pay Me no mind, I am still endeavoring to guide you into the better way, so you can better bear the stresses and disappointments of your daily life.

Therefore, open your end of the God-connection by seeking Me in the Stillness, for this is the practice, which makes a clear and pure channel possible.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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