Living By the Golden Rule.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 195

6th February, 2004

Dear one, express your gratefulness in song to the Eternal Creator in the stillness of your heart, where I am the Silent Witness to your gratitude. They are the secret longings of the human heart, and those feelings of thankfulness rise as incense before the throne of God.

It warms the Father’s Heart that there are those on dark little Urantia (the name of this planet), who give voice to their innermost feelings of gratitude. In this manner, also, they allow their souls to grow and to be nurtured in return, as everything always has its effect.

The higher you climb on the ‘ascension ladder’ to perfection in the spiritual spheres, the more your joy shall increase, although that is practically unthinkable on a planet such as this, where so many souls yet flounder in the darkness of fear, superstition and greed.

It takes humankind many ages to wake up to the realization that the material life is only the first step on the long road of spiritual ascension in the evolution and growth of the soul.

Mankind is still bent on immediate gratification of the senses, and fulfillment of mere earthly desires.

It is the courageous and rugged living through the vicissitudes of life, and through self-discipline and self-mastery, that the victories of the soul are won. This comes about when the higher self wins out over the lower animal self, and learns to live by the golden rule of doing unto others in the way he or she would like to be treated.

Jesus, in human form, mastered His lower self in all areas, so His Higher Self could triumph while yet in the flesh, all the while being obedient to the doing of the Will of His Father in Heaven. His was a life of service.

And in living His life of service, countless souls were thereby assisted, and went forth to live life more courageously with a grateful and joyful heart, living and believing in the promise of Life Everlasting, where true life unfolds to the Glory of God.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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