Elevate Your Thoughts.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 189

31st January, 2004

Dear one, allow yourself the luxury, which in actuality is a necessity, of coming to Me in the Stillness, where seemingly nothing exists, and yet which is pregnant with all potential, where insights come, wisdom reigns, and understanding dawns.

Here it is where the little self gets loved, and nurtured, and knows its place in the universe.

When you stretch out your arms and reach the physical limits of your touch, this is where you come into contact with a void—the limitlessness of creation. Think and ponder how this feels. This is how small you are.

And yet, within you surges the energy of the Creator, as it is carried into your body in the form of the life-giving oxygen. With this oxygen all the cells in your body are nourished. If it is less than adequate in quality, all cells are deprived and the most delicate ones will die off first for lack of these building blocks.

The human brain is the most blood rich organ and takes about 75 % of the available oxygen. It therefore needs for you to be mindful of your breathing, at least a few times during your day. Become aware of any harmful or stale air and seek for the purest air you can find, which does not defile the physical temple that houses your precious spirit-soul.

Become more aware of your thinking processes, as negative thoughts poison the mind and the body, so turn away those negative thoughts. Discipline yourself, so your presence exudes a fragrance of a peaceful harmlessness.

Let My Guidance filter through in your daily being-ness and doings, for in actuality, I am one with you.

Elevate your thoughts to the highest you can, in purity and sincerity, for thoughts, especially prayerful healing thoughts for others, have a far-reaching effect only heaven knows of.

Make it a daily habit to pray for others.

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