The Best You Can Be.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 184

26th January, 2004

Dear one, in order for you to attain the highest and best you can be, and in every moment of your day, it is essential for you to spend more time with Me, not just in the Stillness, but also in your everyday thoughts.

In time, the realization will dawn upon all your waking moments that I am ever the Invisible Onlooker in all things, and that nothing is hidden from Me. As your Mystery Monitor, I am only a thought away, for we are so intertwined that no one can tell us apart. It is through your thoughts and actions, that this will become apparent.

It is a great blessing in mortal life to become aware of that actual Fragment of the Eternal Creator Architect indwelling you, and so there can never be any reason to feel like a cosmic orphan.

The precise reason for your feeling like a cosmic orphan is that you either have not yet found Me, or you may have forgotten about Me. In both cases, you need to reconnect your thoughts and feelings to the All That Is.

Really now, don’t you think that in order for you to gain that great soul-rest it would be worth your while to, each day, spend some quality time with Me to get to know Me better? Earthly love and infatuation is often a fleeting passion, but My Love endureth forever, says the Lord of Hosts.

This is all the more reason, you will agree, for you to keep flexing those muscles of faith and trust in loving service towards others. For the more love and blessings you can bestow upon your brothers and sisters, the more blessings you will receive yourself, for then you have become an open channel for God to pour His blessings through.

This simple mindfulness would help heal this planet, and bring it out of superstitious bondage, in which it is even now held.

Light is needed in the most abject places of darkness. Pray for the souls that are in need of a gleam of light. The Creator is asking for a greater enlightenment to occur on this dark orb in space.

You are all called upon to restore righteousness, beginning with your own heart and soul and mind. Permit this to happen through your personal free-will choice.

So you will be the best you can be.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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