Banish This Doubt.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 241

25th November, 2004

Dear one, do search the deepest recesses of your heart, and see if there remains any doubt about My existence. If so, pray for more faith, because if the slightest doubt remains, then you still lack trust and faith in Me, as well as in the Heavenly Creator of all things.

Look around you in nature and notice the first signs of springtime in the buds of the trees. Do they worry about how they shall become leaves? Of course they do not; for the life force within them moves them forth according the divine blueprint and pattern that is inherent within.

So it is with you. Your soul holds your divine blueprint and pattern and the life force within will see it develop to fruition. Yet, whenever you entertain the slightest doubt about this, you block this force, and you slow down your growth, which is not at all ideal.

We do not have to wax philosophical about this, because the energy within the life force is never stagnant. It will manifest itself in discomfort at various levels, and show up as congestion in the energy body, to, over time, manifest in the physical body.

In having a wholehearted belief in the loving overcare of the Father in Heaven, you will experience increasing health, because you will realize that your temporary body houses an indestructible spirit.

So, you will want to look after this temple, and cultivate habits of cleanliness in thoughts, actions, habits and food. This means, of course, that you live a life without addictions of any sort, and have mastery over temptations.

Yes, I know, this is quite a plate full I am dishing up for you, but truly, would this not give you a sense of freedom and joy since you are no longer shackled to the earth plane?

You will have become a freeborn child of the Father in heaven. Therefore, be ever on the alert for the slightest doubts, and banish these by asking for My help.

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