It is I who has led you.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - #3

June 28, 2003

It is I, your Beloved Within, who has led you all these years.

You are now coming to a clearer recognition of me - a closer walk, so to speak. You are beginning to realize more and more, that you and I are meant for each other, and that we travel together on the path to fusion.

This is our purpose for being together - to become as one. This is the inscrutable mystery of the ages, that a part of the Great God can indwell you.

Yes indeed, the Great Creator has given you the ultimate Gift, a piece of Himself, for companionship and guidance and ultimate fusion, after which the ascension path to Paradise is forever secured.

For you have offered your free will to me, and I give you the authority to use mine. Oh, what a blessed Partnership this is.

I in you, and you in me - together and yet One.

This is yet a mystery for you, but not for me. For me it is a foregone conclusion.

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