Victory Over Selfishness.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 171

13th January, 2004

Dear one, perhaps for a while we ought to ponder the meaning of perfection. This is a difficult concept for you to grasp in these earthly dimensions where everything is judged on outward appearances to which you act or react.

But the truth of the matter is that the more realms or dimensions you attain in the hereafter, the greater your understanding grows of what perfection truly means.

Your outward actions and reactions are very much the result of the perfecting thought processes, the overcoming of negative traits and tendencies, the gaining of victory over selfishness, and a growing empathy and tenderness towards all others.

It requires you to always seeking for God’s Will to be made manifest in your life, and walking the path with the most love in it. It means perfecting the way you conduct yourself, and the willingness to accept orders from those who are sent to be your Teachers in your age-long struggles to become perfect.

But first and foremost, you need to perfect your listening skills, so you learn to better discern My Still Small Voice within you. I am your ultimate Guide, who leads you towards the first milestone in your eternal existence—to fuse and become One with Me, and you will then be known as an Adjuster-fused being.

Of course, your belief and trust in Me shall first grow to be so steadfast that there will be not a shadow of a doubt remaining at any time. Doubt will have been totally expunged, as you will have learned over time to discern My Voice, and you understand that I only desire the highest good for you.

In you humans lies a great evolutionary potential still hidden, which even now in the mortal estate can be manifested to a small degree, but to you it will seem like a giant leap forward.

This, by the grace and mercy of the Eternal Creator, has been bestowed upon the human races; to answer the call to perfection, even as the Father in Heaven is perfect.

Once more, my advice to you, dear one, is for you to let Me show you how to come to Me into the Silence of your heart. Do not neglect these wonderful meetings with your eternal Counterpart.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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