Welcome Him into Your Heart.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 218

28th February, 2004

Dear one, to develop a heart that welcomes the Ruler of a universe, and tell Him that He is always welcome to stay and rest a while is in truth and fact a reciprocation of the Love He has bestowed upon you during your existence.

And now you become aware, that He also entertains a need to be welcomed by His children without being asked for help for one thing or another.

It is a sure sign of growth, even in little children, when they reciprocate with love when they sense a need in their parents. A true bonding springs up between the parent and the child, a true trust-bond and an understanding for the need of others, which will serve the child forever, as it goes forth to establish that same trust-bond and understanding with its brothers and sisters.

It is the acquirement of a harmonious character growing towards balance between the lower animal self and the higher God-self. It is the recognition of the needs of others, and being available just in ‘being there’.

This is true friendship. It does not give advice unless asked, but it is being available as an oasis in the storm, asking nothing in return. This is really the beginning point of altruistic service, and a great move towards selfhood.

I perceive that this sounds totally compatible with your yearning for understanding, as to what it is to be a good friend. Your Master Jesus said: “He who would have friends, has to show him self friendly.” This was the example He set Himself when He walked on earth.

Welcome Him into your heart, and invite Him to come and rest a while, without you having need for anything.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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