Take the Time to Make the Connection.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 216

27th February, 2004

Dear one, it is always thus; if you desire a greater understanding of spirit, you need to spend more time alone with Me.

In the hustle and bustle of life My Still Small Voice gets drowned out. It involves a great determination on your part to persevere. This is the same as with any other earthly goal. When the pursuits of material goals and pleasures are demanding too much of your time, there is very little, or no time left to cultivate a silence for the restoration of mind, body and soul.

Think about how many mortals there are who are driven by a little pill; an ‘upper’ to keep going, a ‘downer’ to settle their hyperactivity, a pill to calm their nerves, a pill to go to sleep, perhaps two, because one no longer suffices. Let us face the fact that life has become so stressful, it is hard to unwind, and sundry stress-induced illnesses make their appearance. These create a need for even more pills.

Truly now, what is wrong with this picture here? All you need to do is to set some time aside, and make this a daily habit. It is the best habit with multiple benefits you will ever cultivate in your life.

Coming into the Stillness gives your nerves some much-needed rest, away from the clamor and noises of the world. Once you begin to get the hang of this exercise of coming into the Silence, and you have learned to pay attention to your breathing and realize how important this life-giving force is, your nerves will begin to unwind and you feel rested in your mind. That is when you will have mastered a very important step, and everything will unfold from there.

This, My beloved, is your fount for healing, for insight, and for wisdom. Drink from this well of Living Water, it is always available to you, when you take the time to make the connection.

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