Forgive And Forget.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 221

1st March, 2004

Dear one, misunderstandings are prone to arise in human relationships. The reason for this is always because of a lack of love, and a limited point of view by both parties, for no one understands the grieving in another’s heart.

Words can be very well meaning to one person, and yet very demeaning and destructive to the other. It is by trial and error that human understanding grows, and insights come, which lead to wisdom.

Your Master Jesus never wearied of saying: “Forgive and forget.” And may I remind you, that as long as you do not forget it has not been forgiven. Therefore, it is not seven times, but seventy times seven, ad-infinitum, and until it is totally forgotten.

Remember how Jesus, while hanging on the cross, could say: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Such a great love and pity He had for His mortal, spiritually blind children, who did not accept His simple message that God is a God of Love. Unwittingly in their madness, they visited their most unjust and cruel punishment upon Him by nailing a most beloved Creator of a Universe to a piece of wood.

Since then, your world is known throughout all creation as the World of the Cross. And yet in His agony, He prayed for them. This, My beloved, is the point of understanding I desire for you to strive for, when someone unwittingly grieves you. Elevate yourself towards a greater spiritual understanding of others, and pray even for those who spitefully use you.

Your job is to grow in grace, and with love towards all. Your Master-Son is your example in all this. It is truly regrettable that they made this whole sordid affair into a grandiose spectacle, while He was totally innocent of any wrongdoing. They did all this without any trial or defense.

Then, later, the greatest mistake was made when they made Him out to be an offering for their sins, which even now is the foundation of the church that bears His Name.

It is in the Resurrection, where His greatest triumph lies—the promise and proof that life goes on after mortal death. This I desire you to dwell upon, rather than upon His inhuman death.

He had the Power to lay down His Life, and take it back up again.

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