You Will Begin To Reflect Me.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 234

14th March, 2004

Blessed are the souls who seek solace in My presence and imbibe of My essence. It is a truth, which rolls on and throughout the ages, that anyone who seeks Me, shall find Me. The seeking consists of first shutting yourself away from the clamor of the world, and into your inner sanctum where you will find Me already waiting for you.

This is a daily discipline, as with any training in something you desire to become good at. But in time to come, when you begin to be more conscious of Me, you can, also during the busy-ness of your day or night, find Me in your thoughts, for Me to help you and uplift you. This is the next step in your training, for it is then that you will begin to reflect Me.

This is true for anyone who seeks communion within, and does not know My name, for I am the Eternal Spirit Counterpart given to you by the Creator of All. I really do not mind by what name I am called, as long as mortals call on Me, for I am indwelling each of them.

There are so very few, who daily call on Me. They do so only when they have a perceived need. I truly desire that My children would build a relationship with Me as I dwell within them, always.

Think of the wonderful companionship you can have when you will never be lonely anymore, and as you develop direct spirit-converse with Me—the greatest Companion and Lover, the greatest Healer, the greatest Listener and so much more.

In regularly coming to Me, you will begin to reflect Me, because you will at all times be consciously aware of My presence within you.

Ponder all My sayings, and reflect on these, so that all of your being will understand these glorious, light-filled truths.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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