In Each Individual Heart.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 227

7th March, 2004

Dear one, there is many a heart that suffers needlessly from thoughtless deeds and crude remarks of others. The only defense against that is to cultivate unconditional love, and to pray they will extend their forgiveness, so no lasting harm comes to the receiver of such remarks or actions.

This is a severe training, I know, but it needs to be understood that the more thoughtful you become, the less you will offend others, and this has to do with the quality of your life, which is of great value and very precious in God’s sight.

God truly is the only One who can pass judgment on the intent of the human heart. See to it that you do not fall into the trap of tit for tat, as the end of misery is never in sight when you retaliate.

We truly wish to proclaim the Fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood/sisterhood of all. This begins in each individual heart, for after all, you are all God’s children, and God is no respecter of persons including gender, as you are all evolving offspring of this self-same Creator. It also matters not by which name God is called, for this matters only to the caller.

The olden man-made laws, which purportedly came down from heaven, need closer scrutiny in these more modern times. The minds of humankind are evolving to a greater understanding, and any so-called sacred law is not so sacred when it persists in keeping women subservient to man.

This is an abomination to the loving Father-heart of God, and the time is overripe to search and see where personal attitudes and opinions might have crept into these so-called holy writings.

All these holy books are not so holy in their descriptions when half of God’s evolving children are looked upon as lesser. Great injustices have been done to women throughout the ages.

Let men and women stand beside each other as equals, for each is a counterpart of the other, and they are worthy of each other’s respect and appreciation.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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