I Shall Lead You There.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 225

5th March, 2004

Dear one, not only does the Father in Heaven bestow a Fragment of Himself upon you, but you can also ask for purer, more sincere communications on your part. The success in communicating with your Mystery Monitor, your Divine Guide, depends to a very great measure on your willingness and perseverance to dedicate a certain amount of time to Me.

Cursory moments are fine to start with, but not enough, and not helpful to attaining a deeper understanding of the secrets of the universe, which I hold in My Being-ness.

It is with everything thusly; if you desire to become a perfect listener in these communications, then you must be totally willing to undergo that training, in the same way a musician would in mastering his or her musical instruments.

I very well realize that some things are easier to learn than others, but nothing is impossible for those who set themselves to the task of obtaining the desired goal. Never mind the obstacles in their path, for nothing can deter you from your desired and chosen vocation.

The end result is so much sweeter, due to the perseverance, dedication and lessons learned along the way, even though the going is at times frustrating and tough. Yet, the courageous ones keep going until they possess the desired skills and have developed the abilities therefore.

And so it is in the cultivation of a finely attuned ear that you pick up the melodies of the universe, the tones of which are as yet so seldom heard by the ears of mortal flesh.

It is in the inner life where these echoes are heard, and to the human soul become as smiles from Heaven. Listen then, and continue to hone those listening skills as yet dormant and undiscovered in your budding soul.

I shall lead you there, if you are willing to consecrate yourself to set apart more time for Me.

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