In a Peaceful, Joyful, Courageous Estate.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 242

22nd March, 2004

Dear one, the reason why so many earnest but restless souls seek to purchase knowledge of the future, is because they have not sought for Me in their soul.

If they would only spend more time in a meditative stillness, they would sooner or later recognize amazing purity within themselves, because they would touch the ‘edge of eternity’ where the Unseen exists.

It is extremely important that you ever keep Me in your mind, lest you become tempted to go and do likewise, even as a fun sort of thing. The time would be better spent to seek for more knowledge from Me, so your faith and trust can grow, and you can forge a stable, harmonious character amid the vicissitudes of life.

Today will provide quite enough living to not have to indulge in the discovery of the 'perceived' happenings and potential problems of the future.

The future will be determined by how you live today, and through the choices and decisions you make. The future has been mercifully shrouded from you in order for you to develop the faith and trust that enables you to live courageously, no matter what proffers itself to you.

Only the fainthearted seek to know the future. They are the restless ones, who still need to learn that the greatest Point of Rest lives right within them. When they sincerely seek, they shall find, and know that, yes indeed, they also have this God-connection to the All that Is.

Life is meant to be lived in a peaceful, joyful, courageous estate, growing daily in faith and trust in the unseen Creator, Whose handiwork is everywhere visible, even in the smile of a tiny baby that takes its first uncertain steps.

Know that you are all like these infants, in faith and trust, and that you can grow into sturdy and stalwart characters. Use your God-given Gifts to attain your greatest development in these Gifts, here in the earth life so you have a head start for the next life.

11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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