Miracles Can And Do Happen.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 239

19th March, 2004

Dear one, your prayers are always understood, even before you utter them. All is dependent upon the intent of the heart. When a heart is totally intent upon ‘hearing’ the answer, it will surely be forthcoming, although perhaps not in the manner it is expected.

A form prayer is useless, as it has no heart-connection. A prayer said mainly out of habit, likewise, does not leave the ceiling of the room it is prayed in. A prayer purely for selfish reasons in the vein of ‘give me, give me,’ likewise bears no fruit.

It is the steadfast prayer for others’ highest and best good, with total sincerity, which always brings results, even though these results do not immediately manifest themselves in the outer plane.

Transformation is usually very gradual, and this takes place in the inner world, most of all in the character of those who are prayed for, and who also need to have those more righteous character traits for themselves.

Jesus prayed very little for Himself. He prayed for His accusers and murderers while they nailed Him to the cross: ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ Such is the power of unselfish prayer.

He never thought for a moment that His Father had forsaken Him, He merely recited the 23rd psalm, which was the prayer He had learned as a little boy in that well-ordered Jewish household.

As a young child, He was already uncomfortable with the many form prayers, and especially after the evening prayers, He insisted to have a little talk with ‘My Father in Heaven.’

When one sincerely and wholeheartedly prays for others, miracles can and do happen.

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