Do Not Underestimate Yourself.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 247

27th March, 2004

Dear one, you really can have no concept of how much your presence is needed on this planet. All sincere seeking souls, loving of heart, are needed to help stabilize the chaos on this darkened planet.

The Creator sees you all as points of light, and the more you let your light shine, the brighter the planet becomes. Don’t ever allow the darkness to swallow you up. Be mindful of your moods. Banish pessimism and down-heartedness at once.

When you become weary in body, mind and soul, consider this to be time-out to come into the Silence to be with Me, for I am the Regenerator of your mind and soul, the Restorer of your body, and the Renewer of your youth.

You shall go and do My work and not grow weary in doing good. Be the sunshine you are meant to be, because I am the One who feeds you the Son-Light.

Trust and be not afraid. Gather your courage and persevere. Oh, persevere for the sake of this poor planet, where the waves of darkness threaten to swamp the Light of Heaven.

At this point, all lightworkers are called to wake up and let their Light shine, and for them to stand strong in the Name of the One, who created all light and darkness. He did so to train His creatures to become the keepers of the Light, and to not fall into darkness with its evil.

If there were no darkness, how would you know that you are supposed to be a Light-being? You are born to search for the Light of Heaven within you, and to keep it burning brightly by your very own choices and decisions towards increasing trust and faith in the almighty over-care of the Father in Heaven.

Now you realize how much I need your co-operation! It is your responsibility to wake up; to let your Light shine to the best of your ability, and, please, do not underestimate yourself.

We need each other to succeed.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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