Your Will Be Done.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 245

25th March, 2004

Dear one, the secret of God-Power, and the wielding thereof, depends totally on the faith of the receiver, and the cleanliness and purity of that vessel. It is the recognition of your own powerlessness, ongoing humility and humbleness, which make you a tool, ready to be yielded in the hands of the Creator.

It has very much to do with an ongoing spiritual growth from childhood to spiritual maturity, as far as it can be reached on this earth-plane. The wide gulf between childhood and maturing adulthood is only bridged by a growing faith experience.

A growing number of exalted meetings with Spirit, and spiritual faith experiences, will exponentially develop your soul, even though this growth will never be visible to material eyes. It can only be discerned through the eyes of spirit. Only the fruits of the spirit are the visible manifestations in the outer world.

Such a maturing soul is at peace among the chaos of the world, and the possession of this fragrant peace is having a calming effect upon the immediate environment, even though no one realizes as to what is actually happening.

Spiritual growth, like physical growth is wholly unconscious, but can be noticed in hindsight. It is automatic in the sense only when a mortal develops a greater measure of faith-trust and tolerance toward its human siblings, no matter what race, creed or color, when it can be loving, courteous, tolerant and friendly towards all, as this shows a certain ripening and a gaining of self-mastery over negative tendencies.

This, My beloved, is the road to an inner and spiritual maturity I would have you walk, but as always, your choices and decisions reign supreme, until that time, that you can fully say: ‘Not my will, but Your Will be done.’

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