Your Thoughts Are Pure Energy.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 254

3rd April, 2004

Dear one, many are the abilities that lie dormant in the human psyche, like the true and deeper understanding of each other. Consider what the world would be like if humans would sincerely try to better understand each other’s motivation.

Many petty misunderstandings do arise, and these can lead to useless and harmful disagreements, even fights, which on a larger scale, and through selfishness can culminate in wars. Humankind has much to learn in the area of understanding of, and tolerance for, each other’s motivation, because it has hardly learned discernment.

These qualities of truth-discernment are on a higher level of thinking, and they bespeak of a greater impulse control, which would prevent many a word being spoken in haste. It is a quality, which as yet leaves much to be desired.

As your Guide and Teacher, I am endeavoring to raise your thoughts to a higher level of truth discernment. This will result in your understanding much better the motives of your siblings.

Who are your siblings, you ask? Your siblings are each and every person you come into contact with, no matter race, creed or color of skin, for you are all evolutionary offspring of the same Creator, Who has implanted in each of you a tiny seed-soul.

This is also true of mortals on other planets, who might have a different outward life form, but they possess the same seed-soul. Some are further evolved than are you, and others are less so, but all answer to the same clarion call, and the unmistakable spiritual pull to return a mature and perfected soul to Paradise. You all are journeying according to your own level of truth-discernment and belief in the Creator.

Become more aware of what you think, and why you think at all. Your thoughts are pure energy, and always carry the potential for good or evil. Elevate your thoughts, for you to always be loving and charitable towards self and others, so you will do your part to help uplift this planet to a more loving and peaceful level.

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