Songs of Joy and Gladness.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 279

29th April, 2004

Dear one, life is one precious discovery when a soul awakens to its true destiny. You will notice that miracles will happen within you when you are ready to shed old patterns of behavior, which are outworn, no longer useful, and which do not befit a one who desires to walk in the Light of God.

On looking back over your life, you will notice how old grief and resentments slide away into nothingness, while in their places deeper levels of understanding, compassion and forgiveness arise.

This is how I desire you to live; to step out of your own egocentric and selfish way of living, so you can become aware of your own divine dignity, with greater patience and compassion for your fellow travelers, who might be at different levels of understanding, and yet on the same path to perfection.

Mortal life consists of but a blink of an eye of eternity. It is a drop in the ocean of eternal life, but it is the most important foundation building of life, the cornerstone of your eternal career, in which you continually build on character refinement and perfection.

The deeper you delve within and discover more hidden, unshed tears from when you had to swallow your disappointments in the past, and did not express your emotions properly, the more you gain the courage to let go of them, and the more you will experience a deeper sense of freedom and joy.

Every day anew, put yourself completely into the hands of your heavenly Parents, who desire nothing but the best for you. Grow each day into a deeper faith and trust in their heavenly overcare, and you will discover how your little self will be growing closer to the ideal self, the more perfect and happy self, totally secure in the unconditional Love of the Eternal Creator.

Feel worthy of this Love, My dear one, for it is I who is helping you to experience this, when an as yet unknown feeling of a deep Joy fleetingly surges through you.

When lived in a childlike, trusting faith in the Almighty God’s Over-care, life is full of gladness and promise.

This shall make your heart sing songs of joy and gladness.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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