Mary Magdalene was Their Spokesperson.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 276

26th April, 2004

Dear one, there is no greater and more pleasant surprise for a soul than for it to realize that it, too, is a tool in the Master’s Hands to be wielded with the same love and compassion in which it was formed for the benefit of countless other souls.

Who knows the budding capacities of a soul better then the Creator God himself? My beloved, ponder these words, ‘to be made in His Image.’ When these words, ‘let us make man in our image’, were spoken in the eternal past, this had nothing whatsoever to do with the physical body. It had everything to do with the undying soul, which, as a seed, would be housed in the mortal temple of a being with a free will to help choose its own destiny.

Then the decree went forth, ‘be ye perfect even as I Am perfect’. This is the purpose and goal of the ages. What you do with your seed-soul in this mortal life, which is the foundation life of all the ages to come in eternal life, is your gift you give back to the Creator God.

In this seed-soul lie many hidden gifts, which will only be fully realized in the ages to come. But it is your privilege and duty to do the best you can; to help this seed-soul to bud and to grow, by learning the lessons life presents to you, and through your own choices and decision making, in learning the lessons of compassion and forgiveness towards all others.

When the Universal God spoke to his Co-Creators -- the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit -- ‘let us make man in our image’, this of course, included all women, for in God’s eyes there is no gender and all are equal in His sight. Men and women were created to complement each other, and to help each other grow on the spiritual path.

It is an abomination to His Father-Heart to observe how His daughters are treated on this confused and spiritually backward planet. Your Master-Son, Jesus, came to help set this straight, when he also trained twelve women Apostles. And yet, of those women very little is known in your olden records. Mary Magdalene was their spokesperson, as was the Apostle Andrew for the males.

Think of the travesty and the abuse, which has been rampant on this planet. Time has now come for an awakening; for all souls to remember their divine heritage, and start behaving accordingly.

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