Souls Would Flourish And Be Nurtured.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 334

23rd June, 2004

Dear one, yes! Always say, ‘Thank You.’ Every request and prayer you offer up to the All That Is, is recognition of a Greater Power than you are. It is a learning of your place in the universe, and ultimately your position in it. So very often people have a feeling of not fitting in, of feeling unwanted, and of somehow feeling displaced.

This is entirely due to the God-connection being missing. Feelings of being unloved and lonely take possession of the human mind. This blight is already happening in the earliest of childhood years, and it lies as a damp and heavy blanket over much of the human race.

This God-connection can already be established when a young couple awaits an impending birth, and there exists mutual love and respect for each other, and for what they are about to nurture. It will not be there during a momentary sex-pleasure with no strings or responsibility attached, which exists so often, especially on the part of the male of the species.

Truly, mankind needs to wake up to the true values and responsibilities in life, in not learning to establish this God-connection, for the greatest pleasures and deepest joys will be experienced. Truly, mortals are capable of so much more than they experience in their short life spans. They keep exploring the outer life and its pleasures, and they hunger for the material, rather than exploring the inner life and take an odyssey into inner space, where true life begins and the true God-connection is to be had.

In doing so, loneliness would be lifted and love would reign in the hearts and souls of men and women everywhere, and no one would take advantage of the other, but both would realize that they are equal partners, and are to sustain each another in life’s journey.

A true rejoicing and thanksgiving would spontaneously well up in hearts and minds everywhere, souls would flourish and be nurtured, rather then wither and die for lack of nourishment, because no attention or time has been given to the inner life, to make the connection with Me.

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