Please Realize This.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 302

22nd May, 2004

Dear one, by beginning to realize the many ways in which you are blessed, you have placed yourself upon the road to a greater depth of understanding. If at first things are not clear to you as to which road to take in life, do yourself a big favor and wait before Me, as the darkness will always flee when the Light of understanding dawns.

Move ever so slowly when there are different forks in the road and wait upon My ancient wisdom, as I can clearly see the road ahead of you. I have laid My plans very carefully for each human child born on every planet in My creation, and I Know what is best for them all.

And I gave them all their free will to make their personal choices, and to act upon their decisions, with which no angelic being is allowed to interfere, except when they want to destroy themselves, and when My plans for their earth lives are not finished.

Likewise, when a soul is ready to go on, and the physical body disintegrates, it should be allowed to carry on to the next level of existence, without the interference of keeping their bodies alive when their spirit is ready to go on.

Way too many bodies that should rightfully have been laid to rest, or decently disposed of, are being kept alive.

It is extremely important to realize that no one is allowed to lord it over another. See what My sons in your society have done, and are still doing, to My daughters on this planet. This is atrocious and an abomination to Me. How is it that they are still so confused? It is time to wake up to the reality of full equality between the sexes—the way it was intended from the beginning of the dawn of time on your planet.

Let all busy their selves to the purpose for which they were born; to be caretakers and protectors of this, My beautiful garden planet with its numerous life forms in which I rejoice. Please respect her, and do not abuse her any longer.

All My children have the same rights to enjoy her bountiful riches; they should be equally shared with all.

Please, realize this.

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