There is Never A Vacuum in Love Energy.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 177

July 25, 2004

Dear one, open your heart more towards a greater understanding, not only of yourself, but of others.

Understanding is another part of self-mastery when you put the reactive self out of the way and try to understand the aching hearts of others. In this manner you begin to more clearly discern and understand their motivations and behaviors.

This is another difficult lesson to master, but it is through understanding of the motivation of others that unconditional love can blossom in your heart.

Selfishness flees when one human heart can speak to another human heart. Words are often not necessary, because of the energy of unconditional love and understanding which flows from your heart and touches another.

Your beloved Jesus was, and is, a prime example of this. He was, and is, a Master in reading the human heart, and He ministered to them as He passed by. Just having been in His presence for a while uplifted many a soul, because He exuded Love.

This Love could truly be cultivated on this needy planet, where true, altruistic unconditional love among humans is very rare indeed. You yourself are needy and in need of being understood.

Pray for more love to emanate from your being. The more love you give away in understanding others, the more love you gain for yourself, as this is reciprocal from on High, for there is never a vacuum in Love energy.

The universe is built on Love and understanding.

Keep coming to Me for further insight and training.

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