First Satisfy The Inner Self.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 299

19th May, 2004

Dear one, a life well lived is a life which leads to victory over the self. It is the overcoming of all negative tendencies of the lower animal nature, and its instant gratification urges. A well-lived life will accomplish this.

Think about how you may desire a something special. And then, on purpose, train and discipline yourself to wait. This training would also help you in not acting until you have discerned God’s will for you to be manifest in your life. You would in this manner avoid many pitfalls that humankind is heir to. It is the satisfaction of the urge of instant gratification that needs to be curbed.

It is this very materialistic tendency that has fostered and fed that monster by the name of greed, which hides behind a facade of glittering commercialism and false promises. The tendency to buy this, or buy that to be happy, has brought no end of misery to this planet, and the weaker ones who cannot resist keeping up with the ‘Jones’s’, have placed themselves at great peril and risk.

I tell you this is because of an innate hunger in humankind that so deep down within them beckons to be satisfied, but they are looking in the wrong direction to still that hunger for developing a relationship with their God within.

They are, instead, looking to material things and pleasure to satisfy themselves with. Meanwhile their souls are crying out for nourishment.

Beloved, always seek to first satisfy the inner self by seeking Me in the Stillness, and the outer urge for satisfaction will lose that desire for being fulfilled. Instead, there will be discernment growing within you as to the importance of seeking Me in your life.

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