I Am The Peace Of Your Soul.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 298

18th May, 2004

Dear one, allow Me to touch on how I can become more in your life. To empty oneself of self is one of the noblest activities one can aspire to. It means a letting go of false ego. It means letting go of all worries, of now and of the future. It is a calming of inner restlessness; a letting go and let God.

A trust and faith so sublime, that the mortal soul will become divine at rest amid all the unrest and distractions of the outer material world. The inner world has become a bastion of peace and hope, which brings a calming fragrance to the whole physical system for greater health to ensue.

Allow Me to help you empty the self from all selfishness, all fear which holds you in bondage to the self, all greed and worries, all jealousies and un-forgiveness, resentment and hidden anger. In this way you will become an island of peace and safety, in the storm which rages all around you. You can do this, once you anchor yourself safely in Me, as I have become your safe harbor in life’s journey.

I Am pleased with all the insights that come to you, culminating in the plea to empty yourself of the little self, so I can become more in you. This is the beginning of a conscious partnership on your part. You realize, of course, that you yourself need to allow this to happen, to let go and let God.

The Creator can then become a greater part in your life, and He will use you as He sees fit. This means that you do not need to have any worries about the future anymore, because you will have placed it all in God’s Hands, and you can sincerely and with all your heart say, “Thy Will be done with me in all ways, always.”

This is safety, this is security, and this is rest, and all these are the healing miracle growth for the soul, as I Am that peace of your soul.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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