My Promise To You.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 289

9th May, 2004

My beloved, we meet once more in the secret chamber of your heart, where I Am ready to impart some instructions on becoming perfect, as this desire is now more readily awakening in your heart.

The desire to become a more effective worker in the Kingdom of God is a severe training. It is a continual testing and learning the lessons you give yourself in the exercise of self-will through your own choices and decision making.

Each day, dedicate and re-dedicate yourself to seek the will of the Father in Heaven first, for the Father’s Will is the desire to do what is good to others. This shall surely lead you on the path to perfection. It is by exercising your faith-muscles, by building up your trust in Me, and by banishing all doubt about the eternal future, that you learn to walk hand in Hand with your God.

Learn to listen, cultivate the practice of Stillness. This cannot be said often enough. This practice needs to become second nature, one so natural, that you would miss it like you would miss a part of you if you did not practice this at least once daily.

For the Stillness in your heart is the secret chamber where all is well, where there is calm and peace, and where resides the greatest Love you cannot even begin to imagine at this point in time.

This Love is of God, and this is what I Am to you, as I Am that part of God which indwells you. Therefore, the more often you seek for Me, the more I can imbue you with My Love. And in time to come, you will be so saturated with My Love that it will automatically pour forth from you to all you meet in life’s travels.

You will then have no other thoughts but Mine, and you will only act according to My desires, as you meanwhile learn to do the Will of God. This, My beloved, is the sure road to perfection. And this is the road we are traveling together, you and I as One.

Continue to build your faith and trust in Me, and all this will surely come to pass in the eternal future. This is My promise to you.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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