Each Other’s Gifts.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 288

8th May, 2004

Dear one, we are each other's Gifts. It is a great gift to Me, when you dedicate some time in your day to come to Me. Your perseverance is paying off now that you are beginning to discover what a great Gift I Am to you.

Did you realize that whenever you come to Me with wholehearted attention you are gifting yourself to Me, and My waiting for you is reciprocation on My part? Your dedication and perseverance shows Me that you are serious about getting to know Me. You are discovering what I Am to you, and you begin to better realize that undiscovered riches lie within you. Thereby, deep within you, a feeling of joy and child-like glee and happiness are stirring.

You are now beginning to experience the “pay-off” of your perseverance and dedication of your intent to develop your inner listening skills, which you can obtain only through practice. I know what a struggle this has been for you, and still is, to pay close attention to My words, and to not just “hear” them but to also feel them in your heart.

Our communion together brooks no outward intruding thoughts. It requires ‘a total absorbing yourself’ in Me, and the more often you do this, the more readily will I be available to you in your daily comings and goings. Thusly, you will be able to tap into My Wisdom.

So, the more you give Me your full attention, the better I can reciprocate, and the more we will become each other’s gifts. You give Me more of yourself, so I can give more of Myself. This, My beloved, is the path the Creator foresaw in His Wisdom, and since I Am part of His Wisdom, you can tap into Mine.

And whenever you are ready to enfold yourself in Me, then can I unfold Myself in you, so I become your mantle as it were. You are safe in My love and protection to grow and feed on My knowledge and wisdom.

You give Me your personality and character out of your free will, and I gift you with enfoldment into My Being.

Oh, what a partnership this is turning out to be! And this partnership is open to all with an ear willing to listen to their own Gift from the Creator-Father.

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