Between Hammer and Anvil.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 163

July 7, 2004

Dear one, yes, you can develop a continuous song in your heart of hearts to the glory of the One Creator God. Even though you do not give expression in voice and words, the Eternal knows what lives in your heart, and He knows the great strides you are making in your faith and trust.

To a large extent this is due to your developing self-discipline, and your increasing hunger for communion, which keep you coming back to Me in the Silence for more of that inner peace.

A Peace that calms your tired nerves and restores them to a greater calm than you have ever known before. A Peace like a calmly flowing river that sweeps all irritants away, and stands as a sentinel to overshadow your past and nullifies all past mistakes and disappointments.

And yet this Peace is also forging you between hammer and anvil into the personality you are becoming day by day.

This Peace is giving you the feeling of security, and of protection, but most of all the feeling of being loved and accepted just the way you are. As well, it gives you the feeling of being guided throughout all the days of your life.

This Peace helps you to overcome character flaws, as you grow in sincerity of heart, for by now you have realized that nothing is hidden from the all-seeing and all-knowing eye of God, Who delights when a human heart responds to the Call of His Spirit.

Rejoice in the sure knowledge that all is well, and that you, too, are a beloved child of the Creator, who is ever so slowly forging you into the shape of His own image.

Yes, I know mortal life can be drudgery. And yet it totally depends on how you look at it, either pessimistically or optimistically. I suggest that you practice the latter.

After all, you can always depend on Me to uplift your thoughts, as I am closer to you than your breath, nearer to you than your hands and feet.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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