One Eternal Moment in Time.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 286

6th May, 2004

Dear one, let us discuss the depth of the inner life. Let Me assure you, that the deeper you delve into yourself, the more you will find to correct. A life lived with Me is not for the spiritually lazy, because it is a life of effort and struggle. It means an increasing honesty with self and more sincerity in dealing with others.

You will at times become painfully aware of how you react to others, and you will immediately experience an uncomfortable feeling in your spirit-self, if that reaction is less then honorable as it would befit a child of God.

For this you know by now; that you are a child of the Infinite Creator, Who sent a Fragment of Himself to dwell within you, to help you on the way to your destiny, so that after the completion of your training you become perfect as He, Himself, is perfect.

It is I who endeavor to lead you deeper and deeper into yourself, away from the shallowness of the outer life, which has been given to you as the terrain on which you make the deeper-felt choices and decisions as to how to live. Will it be a totally materialistic life dedicated to worry and stress, or will you continue to seek within, where I am waiting for you?

I know, that the outer material life can be very intense, and then you momentarily even forget that I am here, and you try to do things on your own rather then consult with Me.

I desire to lead you in such a manner that we are as one, as this is our ultimate aim, yours and Mine, to become One, not as one. There is a big difference and is quite do-able, and not as impossible as it sounds, to become one in fusion.

But this mighty occasion, a graduation of sorts, happens in your eternal life, although it can sometimes happen while still in mortal life. It is entirely up to you, for I depend on your choices, decisions, motivation, dedication and perseverance for you to unfold and grow.

This is one eternal moment in time in which you live. It is always the now, and the now, and the now.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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