Your Weaknesses Are Made Strong In Me.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 285

5th May, 2004

Dear one, let us discuss the little self, which is destined to outgrow itself. You were born to become free, born with an innate capability to throw off the shackles of self-limiting thoughts.

You were born free to grow your own soul-self in the experience of life, and to learn to overcome obstacles in your way placed there by the circumstances of life, and often placed there by your own unthinking choosing and decision making. So through the experience of sorrows and grief you wake up to try and find a better way.

That is the moment when you begin to flex and train your faith-muscle in earnest, to persevere to the end of mortal life and attain the goal of eternal life. This effort needs a strong character to succeed, and in the sense that you realize that you have but a puny self-will and learn to exchange this willingly for God’s Will.

This is the supreme desire of the soul, and the struggle of the mortal who treads a weary path along the way, often forgetting that I live right within them, and could well relieve them of their burdens.

Let us face it; a life lived with a strong connection to the Creator God, is invariably more peaceful, more joyful, more loving, and more interesting than a life devoid of this living connection. The bereft ones sense deep within themselves that something is missing in their lives and they search everywhere in the outer world, little realizing that the greatest Anchor of life lives within them.

Dear one, when you feel out of sorts, the one and only thing to do is to go into the Stillness of your own heart, where I am waiting to reinforce your connection with Me.

All anxiety, fear and uncertainty will leave you as you come once more to rest in Me. You need to do this as long as the connection from your end does not feel strong enough, because you will fall back into your old habit patterns of fear and anxiety.

Remember to come to Me whenever you feel the need, and together we shall be strong and unbeatable. For your weaknesses are made strong in Me.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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