Purify the Ego-self.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 282

2nd May, 2004

Dear one, allow Me to explain something about forgiving and forgetting. This is the path of purifying the ego-self, and the hardest road to travel. It simply means that one aims to live a divine life here on earth, which is the ideal life to strive for.

Let Me put it this way, for you need to clearly understand what I mean by purifying the ego-self: This is the self that is easily hurt and angered by others. It is the self that holds on to resentments and past injuries. It is the self that keeps remembering those hurts, even if it thinks that it has forgiven them. As long as one remembers those, the self is not pure.

Forgiving is human, but forgetting is divine. Each day anew, something may serve as a trigger to remember old wounds, pains, grief, hurts, old angers, grudges and resentment, but as long as a shadow of any of these hurts remains in your memory, the self is not pure. This needs to be clearly understood. To cleanse the self anew each day is to aim for the divine life.

This has been made possible by the example of your Master-Son Jesus, who petitioned His father in heaven in His greatest agony, while being nailed to the cross, and after His message of Divine love and Forgiveness had been rejected. This, when He said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do,” and then in His own great sorrow, He gave sustenance to one of the thieves hanging beside Him; one who repented of his sinful life, and He offered him to sometime be with Him in Paradise.

This is the divine forgiveness and forgetting to strive for—to rise above human limitations and to start aiming for the highest attainment possible—freedom from the little self.

This is not a path you can walk alone. You will always have My Guidance and sustenance.

This is My promise to you.

There is so much in the way of misunderstanding about the Ego. The Ego is an essential “commodity” that must be purified, not done away with.
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