My Peace I Give You.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 281

1st May, 2004

Dear one, allow yourself to be guided by Me from moment to moment, so your awareness grows into a greater consciousness of Me, and your soul smiles in My direction whenever you think of Me. Your understanding shall enlarge, exponentially, and your cooperation will increase as you take every little insight to heart and act upon it.

Acquired knowledge is dead if not acted upon. First you learn for yourself and then you put it into action to bring forth the fruits of the spirit, and your spirit will grow more powerful when you exercise more faith and trust in Me, your Indweller.

The only thing you need to apply is self-discipline, for it is up to you when you notice an uneasy feeling within yourself, to go to the cause of it, and to forgive yourself and others. To attain and retain an inner peace with a growing harmonious balance, it is needful that you be in a state of constant forgiveness and compassion towards self and all others.

Everyone at some level struggles for perfection, whether they are conscious of this, or not, depends of the level of awakening to the higher truths and values of life.

By sincerely trying to be mindful of Me, and My guiding you, you shall reap untold benefits as your mind becomes imbued with more positive thinking, and an increased state of balance develops. This in turn leads to a greater state of health for mind and body.

My question to you is: “When will you get serious about My guiding you, so I can give you clearer instructions?” Neither ears have heard, nor have eyes seen, what you are truly capable of as a child of God.

Don’t any longer deny yourself, or Me, the pleasure of starting to fulfill your Divine blueprint, and worry not about any of this, for I shall lead as you follow, giving Me your own free will to ultimately become one with Me.

My Peace I give you.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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