I Am The Eye Of The Storm.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 366

25th July, 2004

Are you ready to follow Me? Are you ready and willing to come into the Vortex with Me? Hold onto Me, no matter what turbulence may beset you, no matter what storms may assail your soul.

I am that Vortex. I am the Eye of the storm. I am the utter Peace, the Immense Calm that resides so deep within you. The Blinding Light where nothing remains hidden and all is known.

I know everything about you. I am the One who has been feeding you My words.
We will go on with your further training; you and Me, Me and you. It needs to be total trust on your part that when you put pen to paper, you will only write My Words without your thoughts intruding.

Are you willing to do this, My dear one? For it is I, your Beloved, Who speaks. I demand your total attention, your total devotion when I commune with you. You have told Me that you are now willing to do My Will, which is the Will of the Eternal God. Are you still abiding by your decision?

Receiver: “Yes.”

Very well then, we will embark on a new series, which will astound both, you, and those who read these words.

Your material brain has been made ready with the necessary adjustments and connections, so the words can flow much easier than before. Everything shall unfold according the Will of God.

When turbulence hits in the outer material world, you can, at any time, come to Me, for I am the Eye of the storm. Are you ready now?

Come, I shall lead you. Just hold My Hand.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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