This Is The Way, Walk Therein.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 364

23rd July, 2004

Dear one, the secret of a peaceful state of being lies in the harmony and balance you gain with Me, and when you listen to My prompts and guidance, for I truly desire to give you those experiences which are the most satisfying for your soul.

It is with heartfelt dedication that you will carry out My desires for you, as it is in these that you will find what you seek. In true service, without any selfish intent for recognition from the world is the best way, the only way. The ones that go unnoticed by the world are noted on High, as all intent and promises are hollow when they come only from the ‘head’ and not the heart.

The heart always needs to be involved with all sincerity, but once a promise is made, make sure that it is kept. Rewards from the world are seldom recognized in heaven, but the motives of the human heart always are. In all things, strive for purity, sincerity and simplicity. Your Master Jesus went about in a very simple manner, because He was in constant contact with His Thought Adjuster and your Father in Heaven. He practiced discernment, and understood the human hearts before Him, and He could ‘uplift’ each one who needed it.

People voluntarily called Him Master, because of His compassionate and loving understanding towards all. This is the ideal way of living you need to strife for—to be totally harmless, and yet to be totally in command of self. Self-mastery in all things is the key. It is the seeking within and paying attention to My Still Small Voice, which can be of a far greater help to you, than you can even begin to imagine.

When this becomes your wholehearted desire, I will unerringly lead you and say, ‘This is the way, walk therein.’ So come, train your mind in My direction, so I can give you the Peace you seek.

Allow yourself this freedom.


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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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