With Pure And Sincere Intent.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 361

20th July, 2004

Dear one let us commune in the Secret Place of the Father, where harmony and peace reign, and where nothing remains but the Holy Presence. Find here the true calm and healing for your restless mind, so the heart can recover from the daily stresses it is subjected to, the body will feel refreshed for having been in My Presence, and you will be encouraged to battle on with your training in self-mastery.

This training is needed for all spirit-born sons and daughters of God. See all circumstances and happenings as lessons on your path. It is so very important to not be blown about by the winds of change that are happening on the planet, but to become strong and resilient in your faith and trust in God. Stilling the mind from time to time to gain mastery over self is the hardest thing to do, and yet it is the most needed exercise to engage in.

People are spending any length of time and any amount of money in exercising the body, but what about the mind and spirit? Walking and sitting among nature calms the human mind. If humankind would spent as much time training in Stillness, and truly feel a holy hush surrounding and pervading them, how much faster they would be in achieving an inner harmony and balance.

It is truly needful to spent equal or more time on exercising the mind and spirit, than on the body alone. Inner growth happens from the inside out, and reflects on the outer way of life. Exercise daily your faith and trust in Me, and train your mind to think uplifting, positive and loving thoughts.

Become more aware as to how to train your mind. Elevate your thinking with all your might and with pure and sincere intent, which will lead to mastery over the lower mundane self.

This is the exercise I would have you engage in, and your path through life will contain a greater peace.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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