Walk More Humbly With Your God.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 356

15th July, 2004

Dear one, the barricades in your mind which exist between you and Me, and keep you from fully experiencing Me, shall be taken down, one by one. This will occur as soon as you will allow yourself to let go of being un-loving, unforgiving, hard of heart, proud of self, angry, jealous, envious, suspicious and intolerant. Human limitations have existed from time immemorial, and they are there for a reason.

You carry the seed of God within you, but you are not yet like God. Much weeding and cultivating needs to be done by each individual. You see, My dear one, you have the perfect pattern and blueprint within you. It is the Gift of God the Creator, the Master Architect of everything, Who has existed, exists now, and will exist in the eternal future.

However, to the lowest of His evolving will creatures, the mortals, He has given free will to become immortal, perfected beings. We have been over this before, yet it needs to be said again, because not many mortals on this planet use self-discipline and work on their inner perfection.

Outwardly they seem healthy, but inwardly many are diseased, and they place all sorts of barricades between themselves and Me, their Guide and Refuge. Look around this planet today and notice what has become of it since a Son of God, the Ruler of your universe, walked this planet to show you all the better way.

Instead, the materialistically minded and greedy elders had Him crucified, and incited the common folk into mass hysteria, because they had barricaded themselves behind greed and refused to hear His loving message that the Father is a God of Love. Presently, the mighty corporations, and those in the corridors of power, do the same thing all over again to enslave the common people with their hidden agendas. Oh, they may pay lip service and pay great sums of money to the churches, which bear the Master’s Name, and then they think that they are thereby forgiven.

But I tell you it is not so. They will be those with a loving, pure and humble heart who will be exalted on High. The fruits of their spirit is what counts, not the fruits of the false god mammon, thus they shall reap the rewards of lives misspent.

Break down the barricades in your heart, and walk more humbly with your God.

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