Let Your Heart Sing A Song Of Gratitude.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 354

13th July, 2004

Dear one, be sure to call on Me when adversity and the storms of life threaten to engulf you. You are slowly learning that there is a Secret Place within you where you can always go for Help to sustain you through it all. At times the human spirit needs shoring up, and this you can only do when you turn within and place your full attention on Me, so I can give you strength to travel yet another mile.

In Me, the human spirit is indomitable. It is like a small river being fed with water it knows not from where it comes, but trusts that the water will be there, so it can keep on flowing, and in turn supply everything with this living water it comes in contact with.

Trust in Me that I will always supply this flowing 'Water', even if your spirit is low, for this makes it all the more reason to trust and have faith that more water will shortly be forthcoming, and in great abundance.

Expect big things to happen, and you shall have those big happenings. Expect small things to happen, and you shall have small happenings. According to your faith it shall be done unto you. Pray rightly for the good things in God’s Kingdom, and the earthly matters will be taken care of in, to you, surprising ways.

Trust that all will be well. You only perceive with limited earthly insight, whilst I, your Father Fragment, hail from Paradise and have the long term view. All you need to do is cultivate a greater trust in Me, and know that whatever may befall you, I am here with you.

Be at peace. Be still. Let your heart sing a song of gratitude to the Creator of All, Who has all affairs taken care of and accounted for. All you need to do is to learn your lessons in patience, and trust that all is well when you make Me your sure refuge, for I am a part of God, which makes you a part of God, also.

Know that you are loved without measure. Live and laugh and love in return.

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