I Will Show You the Way.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 349

8th July, 2004

Dear one, all your experiences in life, the good and the not so good, serve to bring you closer to Me. Never mind how alone and hopeless you might at times have felt, a deeper realization, of which you once knew not, would surface in your mind from somewhere.

Alas, finally it is becoming clearer to your mind that in times of your most grievous aloneness, when you called out to Me, you sensed that you were not really alone, and that somehow you were protected.

Drink deeply from these memories, which in retrospect were the impetus to a deeper living with Me. A life lived on the surface, without much thought about the life hereafter, is shallow indeed, and the seed-soul which gets no nurturing food through prayers and loving service towards others, soon withers and dies, without hope for eternal life.

Every human being is born a mortal, and each by his or her choosing and decision-making is held responsible for their soul growth. They are the experiences in life that can serve as a wake-up call, and prod a mortal to start thinking more about immortality. Here in this earth life the foundation stones are being laid.

It all depends on your willingness, dedication, and the cultivation of faith and trust in the loving over-care of the unseen Almighty Creator, and His Creator Sons and Daughters; Rulers of the universes of space. They stand at the ready with their helpers, to assist the pilgrims born of the dust of space, who are endowed with a Spark of the living God, and the urge to find Him on Paradise, in their journey.

It is fear of the unknown that keeps mortals earthbound. Allow your souls the freedom to grow, and to soar beyond the limits of mortal thought. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Do away with self-limiting thoughts, for God deems you worthy to be called His sons and daughters. Rise above your fears on wings of faith and trust.

I, your Inner Pilot, will show you the way.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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