Many Shall Be the Blessings.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 137

May 7, 2004

Dear one, enjoy the Silence with Me. It is the reward for those who persist in seeking Me, and when they find Me, they too shall experience this incredible Peace that is a balm for the soul, and that so much calms the human system.

Many shall be the blessings that await a soul who diligently each day sets a time apart to come to Me without expectation, yet knowing that in this being together with Me an unbreakable bond will grow stronger each day.

The human personality gains the fruit of a greater harmonious balance within itself, because it becomes more and more aware of the Radiant Presence of the Eternal God within.

This can be and needs to be experienced by all mortals. And in the process shall dawn upon them the realization that, because of their Fragment of God, they are becoming immortal while yet in the flesh.

This assurance no one can take away, for once gained it will never be forgotten.

This is the faith that longs for all things good and endures all things bad. For the material things are fleeting and shall pass away, while eternal values remain.

Rest in this assurance. Be at peace and commune more with Me in the Silence.

For I am your Betrothed, Who lives and moves in you as you live and move in Me, whilst together we are as one.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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