“The Becoming Perfect.”


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 347

6th July, 2004

Dear one, do willingly open your heart, soul and mind when you tune into the Silence within. Ask for My help if this still presents a problem to you, so I can fill you ever deeper and deeper with heaven’s Love to overflowing, even in the darkest ‘recesses’ of your stubborn willfulness.

Let Me soften all the places of resistance to My Love, and allow darkness and rebelliousness to flee before My Light, so you may become so filled with My Love and Light, and so these can spill over to others to empower them in turn.

In all matters I need your co-operation, and only you can help Me make this come to pass. It is a continuous decision making process, and the more you move into a greater conscious awareness of Me, the easier this will become, and the clearer you will sense My guidance within.

It is a deliberate choosing between Light and dark, right and wrong, positive thoughts and negative thoughts. It is a valuable lesson in discernment. It is training that each soul sooner or later needs to embark upon, for there is nothing hidden before the all-knowingness of God.

It is ‘the becoming perfect’ on the road to perfection. Purity of heart and sincerity of mind need to be cultivated. Not ever will there be a hidden agenda on this path, and your very own conscience will ‘talk back’ to you, and make you feel uncomfortable when you make a less than perfect choice in those moments when you need to choose.

Humans have an inborn radar to discriminate between good and bad, but this needs to be activated in early childhood by corrective behavior, otherwise this radar will become ‘overlaid’ with selfishness, instant gratification urges, stubbornness, excesses, additions and the like, which bar the door to true soul freedom and expansion.

True child-culture needs to have much more attention paid to by the parents, and by the community, in that the early childhood years are the formative years for a happy adulthood, or an unhappy adulthood when no proper self-restraints have been taught.

However, an adult can compensate for a faulty and unhappy upbringing through consciously making behavioral changes, and the practice of self-discipline.

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